Interplanetarisches Lunar-Zentrum mit Meteoritenkammer, Sauerstoff-Nottanks, Nachrichtensatellit, Space-Jeeps und Astronauten

The Inter-Galactic Base was constructed to withstand extreme conditions and allowing an autonomous, longer duration excursion. It e.g. is set-up on planets where space ships can only land irregular due to solar winds, extrem magnetic fields or high particle storms. The rocket allows to launch research satellites in low orbits and the two scooters help t explore near by territories or support away teams, investigate cliffs or small caves. In the Alpha-System the Inter-Galactic Base is operating together with the Polaris 1 Station Lab a small outpost on the innermost planet alpha-1. The innermost planet always shows the same side to the sun and as such experiences extrem temperature differences. The outpost is set-up in the small demarkation line between night and days and the research teams operate under extrem care not to freeze or boil to death.