Classic Space

Classic Space is an unofficial theme in the strict sense, but rather a term that refers to the Space sets that were released before 1987, and shared some common characteristics that set them apart from the following Space sets. Most importantly, all Classic Space Minifigures featured the old visorless helmets, which were eventually phased out in favor of newer helmets with movable visors in 1987. There were also no truly different factions as in the time after 1987. All astronauts of Classic Space were peaceful explorers, and there were no antagonistic groups. The larger flying craft of the Classic Space sets all featured a brick with their set number on it. The initial introduction of the Space theme marks also the beginning of Classic Space.… Read More

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How it started

As a kid in the early 1980s I received several LEGO sets of space ships, bases etc, that I still remember, but never cared to look at since the Mid 80s. This changed … The idea of the Classic Space Collection started with a visit to my parents during the Easter-Weekend 2016. Prior to the visit my mother let me know, that there should be some left over toys from my childhood in the attic. So, once I was there, I climbed the attic and found a box full of Lego pieces including the Crater and Landingpad baseplate so I thought, well may be I can assemble a few sets.… Read More

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Hello world!

Welcome to my site for my LEGO™ Classic Space Collection. Overtime I try to provide more infos on the different sets, what they might be designed for, links to external videos of people reviewing sets etc. But I’m just starting so not a lot will be here right now …

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