As a kid in the early 1980s I received several LEGO sets of space ships, bases etc, that I still remember, but never cared to look at since the Mid 80s. This changed …

The idea of the Classic Space Collection started with a visit to my parents during the Easter-Weekend 2016. Prior to the visit my mother let me know, that there should be some left over toys from my childhood in the attic. So, once I was there, I climbed the attic and found a box full of Lego pieces including the Crater and Landingpad baseplate so I thought, well may be I can assemble a few sets. I started looking in the internet for some old build instructions, which was not a problem to find. In the end, it turned out, that I had almost all sets complete beside one Base. Here is the picture of the first complete assembly after more than 30 years:

What I found extremely lucky / joyful was the fact, I could re-build the two main spaceships, the large Galaxy Explorer (the large blue one) and the Galaxy Commander (the large white/blue one). I still remember having those and that those have been very cool toys.

Now ambition started to hit me and as a first task, I started to look, if I could find missing pieces to re-build the command base (Center piece with the large antenna). A little research on the internet brought me to the site Further research on the site allowed me to identify the missing pieces and in the end, order them. In parallel Sara had the idea, to wash all pieces in the dish washer, as they have been quite dirty and changed in color after so many years. The dish washer turned out to be an execelent idea, most pieces looked almost like new. So once I had the missing pieces for the base and have re-assembled all sets with the cleaned pieces, I could complete my base and put all sets into “action”:


While looking at sites like Bricklink, I noticed that all my sets belong to the unofficial series “Classic Space” (See definition here) and I was wondering, how many more there are … So this started my collection and you will hear more soon.