Raumversorgungsbasis mit Anflug-Antennensystem, Parkrampen für Schallgleiter, Nachschubfahrzeugen und Astronauten

Main Base

  • Repairstation for all base vehicles, ground, flying, etc incl spare parts production
  • Energy supply to mobile vehicles
  • All space ships are repaired on upper deck platforms, this allows access from all sides
  • Ground vehicles are repaired in the “boxes” under the upper deck platforms
  • The two flyers of the station are the tow trucks. Using tractor beams from their down facing antenna, they can tow all vehicles and space ships to the station. For small and medium units, one tow truck is enough, for the large space ships both tow trucks are needed
  • Large space ships are repaired on a dedicated landing pad behind the supply stations
  • The cabines provide necessary protection for the repair crew in case of dangerous works or release of (intended or unintended) dangerous chemicals. Sometimes high radiation levels are required for NDI procedures with Tachyonen beams
  • The upper deck platform and the associated grid provides all necessary diagnostic and repair tools. They are also the additive manufacturing system for spare parts production. Diagnostics, repair and AM is controlled via the consoles in the cabin.
  • Small radar dishes on the side are used for first diagnosis and data exchange with incoming tow trucks, items to be repaired, allowing a preparation of the repair platform. The large dishes behind the cabin are used for the diagnosis of the large space ship on the landing pad as well as the generate the necessary energy / particles for the NDI operations
  • The vehicles of the station support smaller local repairs
  • The supply station is also responsible for MRO of the Cosmic Fleet Voyager when it returns from a long duration mission