Planetenfahrzeug mit Greif- und Schaufelarmen, Stablampen, Richtantenne und Forscher

Geology / Planetary Science

  • Used as a mobile soil analysis lab, in cooperation with Sismobil and / or Space Doozer
  • Antennas are used as a Layer / Soil- radar for hills, cliffs, rock faces etc
    • Radar dish used as Sounder / Receiver station
    • Front antennas as additional spectrometers
  • Shovel and Claw are used for dedicated excavations and collection of ground samples
  • 6 wheel configuration allow high operability in different terrains and negotiation of steep cliffs
  • Shovel and Claw are controlled from their resp. stations
  • Together with Sismobil additional research possibilities for investigating interior structures of rocky bodies by analysing the Tachyonwaves emitted from the Sismobil. Extremely suitable for more porose bodies such as comets, small asteroids etc.
  • Provides scientific information on the internal structure of different rocky bodies and their origins. Information is also useful for later exploitation of those bodies.