Seismobil mit Radarantenne, Bodenfühlern und Forscher

Geology / Planetary Science

  • Used as a ground research vehicle
  • Large radar dish is the transmitting unit for ground penetrating signals
  • Two rear arms are the receivers of the reflected signals
  • Allows research of the layers of the crust via Tachyonen
  • Red front lights are the IR head lights for night and bad weather conditions
  • Transport containers are used as resonance / amplifier systems for the Tachyonen beams
  • In conjunction with the Surface Explorer, large depth up to complete bodies can be surveyed
    • Sismobile and Surface Explorer are positioned on each side of a smaller celestial body, allowing to transmit signals through the complete body
    • Sismobile is the transmitting unit, Surface Explorer the receiver unit
    • High suitable for more for prose bodies such as comets, small asteroids
  • Allows to obtain information on structure and composition of the object, their origin and their suitability for exploitation