Fahrzeug für Boden- erkundung und Geologe

Planetary Science

  • Ground Survey focusing on metals and metallic minerals (for non-metallic minerals, see Inter-Planetary Shuttle)
  • Runs in two main configurations
    1. Wide swath, large spectral range with low resolution
    2. Narrow swath and low spectral range (e.g. focusing on dedicated minerals) but very high resolution
  • Wide Swath mode used in a first survey of an area, e.g. for a scouting expedition with the Galaxy Explorer
  • When a first survey justifies further investigations or set-up of a research outpost, the high resolutions scans are performed to identified pockets of minerals, metals to map them
  • Used on cooperation with Shovel Buggy and Surface Transporter for dedicated sample extraction and returns
  • Also used to prepare detailed maps of metallics deposits for future exploitations