Multifunktionaler Planeten-Truck mit Quadro-Digital-Steuerung, Satelliten-Funk, Kontaktfeld-Analytiker, Chef-Operator, Besatzung und "Zero" dem Nachrichten-Roboter


  • During the terraforming process, responsible for the distribution of proto materials for life
    • Proto material configuration is determined from the research results of the prior missions (see research outposts)
  • Independant lab and distribution unit for long term operations
  • Midsection is the lab section, the roof contains the storage units for the port material which can be deployed for a large scale distribution
  • The configuration with two vehicles allows to cover a larger areas
    • Mid Section remains at a fixed location
    • The storage units can be coupled to the two multi-purpose cockpit units to deploy the proto materials
    • In case a large scale distribution is not desired or possible, the vehicle can be out in the long configuration to distribution the port-material while driving. This configuration allows to continue the production of proto-material in the lab while distributing it.
  • In case of the mission is fixed for a longer time at a certain duration, the two multi-purpose cockpits can be connected to gather to roam around.