Mobiles Oberflächen-Kontroll-Center mit Greifarm, Primär-Fokus-Kabine, Schrittmechanik und Forscher

Hazard Team / Planetary Science

  • Triple-Use
    1. Within the Hazard Team it is used to remove dangerous pieces with its grappler. As a heavy duty lifter, it allows to remove large pieces in case needed
    2. As a utility vehicle, it allows to move heavy objects such as borders, rocks, debris etc
    3. Support planetary science as a collector of small and large “rocks”
      • Due to its powerful arm, it can break-out rocks / boulders from larger formations
      • Extended reach due to the arm / height
      • Targets are in general identified by the other planetary research units
  • The cabin can be closed to protect and isolate the astronaut from outside danger, such as gas, radiation etc
  • Pot. dangerous samples can be isolated in the storage container and be transported to the Central Lab
  • Radar dishes on the side are used to identify dangerous objects, e.g. radiation, chemicals, vapour etc
  • Walking Engine allows fo high pull / push forces when grabbing items
  • Elevated design on stilts keeps the astronaut / operator away from dangerous material on the ground (chemical spills, high temperature, radiation, corrosion aggressive, …) and extended the reach of the arm