Nur in den USA


  • Used to prepare, support and control terraforming efforts
  • Prepare – Mobile labs collects soil samples (with shovel) and/or scans the ground to identify suitable areas for terraforming experiments
  • Support – During a terraforming campaign the mobile lab might take local samples to to provide potential adjustments to the bacteria / organics mix deployed, in addition it will control the spayed mix for consistency
  • Control – It will do follow up campaigns on “terraformed” parts to verify and record the terraforming process, e.g. bacteria growth, modifications in local soils / chemistry and provide such inputs to further / follow-on terraforming campaigns at the same location
  • The Dish is used to scan the atmosphere and soil in the distance to identify molecules and traces
  • The flexible hose is the local ground scanner, can be replaced with a shovel to pick up below surface ground samples