High-Speed-Feuer-Truck mit Löschkanonen für Planeteneinsatz und Spezialisten-Team

Planetary Science

  • Used as a small, independent research outpost for scouting missions
  • Detachable system (flyer and cabine) allow for various operation modes
    1. Cabine is a small research station to analyse samples, Flyer and vehicle room around
    2. Cabine maintains attached to vehicle allows for a moving scanning operations (Red emitter rods and red receiver dishes)
    3. Flyer is doing visual and first scoutings for targeting with red sensor lamps front
    4. Fully assembled unit can do a long measurement / scanning / mapping campaign in rough terrain to provide addition geological, mineralogical information to the Science Center
  • As part of a larger research outpost, can support various geological surveys etc with dedicated scans for more carbon / silicone type deposits