Sonnenobservatorium mit Solarfühlern, Hochfrequenz-Antenne, Bodensensoren, Raummanöver-Düsen, Exogleiter und Forschern

Planetary Science / Hazard-Team

  • Dual-Use configuration
    1. Highly autonomous Command Center for a research outpost
    2. Command Center for the Hazard-Team
  • As research command center, it might be used as a follow up for the lab assembly to continue activities in case of long duration
  • Also used as a stand-alone lab on smaller rocky bodies such as asteroids, comets etc.
  • 3 indépendant research vehicles and computer power allow variety of research fields such as planetary science, mineral analysis, atmospheric research (drone), etc
  • Sensor equipment allow variety of investigations (radar dishes, grappler etc)
  • In case of harzard operations, grapplers allow to handle dangerous material
  • Independent vehicles allow operations, support of hazard team from above (small space glider, drone) or ground (car)
  • Sensors can be used to analyse situation and direct / manage hazard team operations
  • Antenna on roof used for communication with main base, small red antennas for local communication
  • Various containers allow either to handle / store / isolate critical samples for analysis or hazardous materials
  • Computer screens visible on ground are either immediate feedback for research team or for hazard crew (e.g. when samples are put in containers for analysis)