Interplanetarisches Raumschiff mit abkoppelbarem Raumlaboratorium, Rendezvous-Antenne, Flüssigsauerstoff-Tankfahrzeug, Radarwagen und Astronauten


  • Used to deploy and pick up a mobile lab on the surface of a planet, asteroid, moons, etc to establish a research outpost for a first exploration. Pioneer unit for establishing a longer lasting research output
    • Extension: Additional Assemblies can be transported after deployment of the mobile research lab
  • Two Modules
    • Command module in the front with the dual cockpit
    • Assembly transport module in the rear
  • Dual cockpit functions
    • Left is used to control command module and complete Galaxy Explorer
    • Right is used to remote control the Assembly Transport Module, e.g. during separation, docking, decent, ascending etc
    • Front Antennas are sensor and communication systems
    • Small container in front modules allows for express transport of critical samples from mobile lab back to main base
  • Labassembly
    • Large Antenna used for communication with main base
    • Small antennas used for location communication within the research outpost
    • Computers are used for the lab work and for the local control / coordination of the rsearch output
  • Crew: 3-4 astronauts consisting of 2x pilots for the control module and 1-2 for the mobile lab
  • Allows to operate within the complete star systems