Galaxis-Drohne für Raum-Schwertransporte mit Mehrstufen-Antriebssystem, Meteoritensicherung, Notaggregaten, Planeten-Walker und Astronauten


  • Missions into extreme environments such as very low temperatures, high pressure, heat and long distance and duration
  • Long space missions such as long duration inter-stellar measurements, long duration space lab around a planet, …
  • Very high flexibility and independence from supplies, can stay for long time in a place without support from main base, high autonomy
  • Mission durations longer than 3 month
  • Upon return to main base, longer MRO sessions to prepare for next long duration expeditions
  • Rover with tool boxes allows for ground explorations
  • Spacecraft provides living quarters and lab
  • CFV can also carry additional vehicles or equipment for its long duration mission