Schwernutzlast-Raumschiff mit hitzebeständigem Strahlenschutzkopf, Lastenkammern, Astronauten-Cockpit und robotergesteuertem Raummanöver-Exobil


  • Autonomous and mobile terraforming lab
  • Direct deployment at the required / desired location through the spacecraft front section
  • Mainly used to deploy gaseous (Stored in the black tanks) liquid compounds for the terraforming process
  • Black tanks fermenting / generating the / producing the compounds from different raw materials (see Gamma V Laser Craft for supply of raw materials), the computers are used to programs and control the chemical processes within the black tanks
  • Distribution of compounds is done via the spray system
    • The yellow hoses from the wings to the black turbines with the red dishes
  • Distribution Scenarios
    • In flight as a complete assembly – The compounds are sprayed using the front and rear spray system, the robot controls the production and spray process from the computers on the rear system
    • In flight, separated – Front and rear section are operating in different areas, e.g. to cover a larger ground, reduce the density or to require a space and / or time distribution of different compounds to force a specific reaction (e.g. first the compound from the front section needs to be distributed, followed with a a ten minute delay by a second compound from the rear section to enable a specific reaction)
    • On ground – the rear section stays on ground for a long time and is continuously releasing compounds into the atmosphere, where e.g. winds are carrying them across a large area. The robots stays with the rear section, while the astronaut is returning to the main base or doing local excursions
  • The vehicle in rear section allows for local excursion, e.g. to investigate effects of terraforming or local analysis to verify success