Zweistufen-Space-Cruiser mit Laboratorium, Laser-Sensoren, Astronauten, Labor-Fahrzeug und Lab-Roboter "Zip"


  • High-speed cruiser as first responder in case of hazardous events such as chemical spills, accidents with dangerous materials, poisons / corrosive gases and liquids, biological materials (–> terraforming), plantary quakes leasing dangerous raw materials, radioactive materials etc.
  • Used to transport goods and materials to hazard location/li>
  • Allows to detach rear section in case rover with robot needs to be deployed. Rear section can be detached remotely and steered to the desired location
  • Rover and Robot can be used for remote operations in case of dangerous materials at hazard site
  • Rear Section can also be used to transport dangerous / hazardous materials away from a site. The elongated section keeps distance between the cockpit and the storage areas
  • Front Section features different sensors (red and blue dishes) to detect hazardous materials and scan a hazard site