Geo-Galaxis-Fähre mit abkoppelbaren Laboratorien für stationäre Planetenerforschung und Licht-Akustik-Warnsystem

Cryosphere – Extrem Conditions

  • Designed to operate in harsh conditions, cold or heat
  • Provides transportable research units for in-situ research
  • Research Units are dropped off and picked up
  • Robot and local rover allow mobility even if the astronaut cannot leave the research lab due to adverse conditions
  • The two labs can either operate together or be dropped of at different place
  • Each lab comes equipped with a ground radar (large black dish) which can operate in different modes
    • Stand-alone as a ground / ice radar to investigate local ice conditions and identify pocket of valuable minerals as well as organics, materials within in the ice layers
    • Together to increase scan depth, swath and/or resolutions in case the research units are deployed at the same locations
    • As transmitter and receiver unit, e.g. if research stations are deployed far apart
  • Currently on permanent assignment on alpha-1 however occasionally summed to operate on inner asteroids or comets when they pass the inner planets