F 2-Flügelgleiter mit Telemetrie-Antenne zur Wärme-Messung und Forscher

Atmospheric Research

  • Used as an atmosphere research glider, e.g. at gas giants
  • Can decent down to a certain depth in thick planetary atmosphere
  • Used as a 3-Party squad with Cosmic Charger and Tri-Star Voyager
    • The Receiver Unit within the 3-party squad
    • The 3-party atmospheric squad allows for 3D profiles, e.g. a triangle where the tip is the lowest point (Tri-Star) and the Cosmic Units are the Receiver stations higher up
  • The red side dishes are the receiver units for the signals from the Cosmic Charger and Tri-Star.
  • The 90 degree offset between side and front dishes allows to capture side lobes and spatial resolution by correlating phase differences, reflexions and diffraction between the different receiver dishes
  • Gridantennas allow to measure gravitation and magnetic field
  • IR Gun is used as a navigation tool and for additional local measurements in the near field