Iono-Fähre mit Antivortex-System, Nivellierungsklappen, Projektionstellern, Physiker und "Zilu", dem Miniroboter

Atmospheric Research

  • Used as a research flyer within the deep layers of gas planets
  • Can fly very deep into thick atmosphere, deeper compared to the Cosmic Units and Try-Star
    • Canopy protects pilot
    • Side walls can be lowered for additional protection
    • Tubes from the engines provide additional heat / pressure regulation into the cockpit
    • Cockpit Computer (instead of steering wheel) allows better control in case of strong turbulences, thanks to the computer aid
  • Survey /Scan either as single unit
    • rod antennas as Sounders, Front dishes and “claws” as receivers, the “claws” can be pointed in different directions
    • Doors in the rear section can be opened to collect gas samples
  • Or as an companion to the standard 3-party team for further depth extension