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Atmospheric Research

  • Single unit research space ship for critical / dangerous atmospheric conditions such as extrem cold, pressure, wind speeds etc
  • Twin cockpit
    1. Pilot (Open Canopy)
    2. Science Station
    3. Twin Station, as dangerous / critical atmospheric conditions required full attention of a pilot as well as dedicated science operations, therefore two stations
  • Grill to suck in the different gases
  • Measurement Station on Tail section can be pre-programmed (computer station outside) or adapted during flight
  • Red antennas are emitter antennas for long range layer scans
  • Flaps are the receivers that can be arranged in different configuration depending on science needs (–> Controlled by Science Station)
  • Handles are near field / downloading emitters, which reflections are also received by the flaps
  • Aerodynamic form with flat design suitable for extrem wind speed conditions