Radiosonden-Transporter mit Rakete für Kurzwellen-Satellit und Elektroniker

Mobile Launch System / Atmospheric Research

  • High-Speed Atmospheric Launcher for researching dangerous weather systems
  • The probe is split into two parts
    • A transmitter probe (two wings on the side used as transmitter
    • Small drone (grey unit with red dish) as receiver for In-Situ measurement of the transmitter units signals alternation due to interaction atmospheric layers and particles
  • Mobile launch system allows the research of local but pot. dangerous weather systems from a distance
    • High speed rocket is releasing the Tx / Rx system above the weather system, the observer stays in save distance
  • Used in two modes
    1. Stand-alone – Investigations / Research in high altitudes
    2. In conjunction with Terresterial Rover
      • Scan of the complete atmospheric / gas column
      • Launcher is releasing transmitter probe
      • Rover is deploying its ground lab in the center of the weather system
      • 2 drones (1 from the launcher, 1 from the rover) enable additional in-situ measurement as well as receiving the signals from the Tx probe and ground lab in different heights