Satelliten-Transporter mit Astronaut

Atmospheric research

  • Used as mobile in-situ research lab
  • The lab (white unit) is put on ground, can hover for certain time, but operates mainly on the ground
  • Is used for short and long term measurements, e.g. can stay for long time at the same location
  • The drone (top of tail) allows to measure atmospheric layers
  • drone is used during storms (e.g. similar to Marsian dust stroms) to measure particles, air flows etc
    • Scan path between ground lab and drone allows to measure / capture the gas column between the two units
    • Done is flying different patterns, e.g. to perform a 3D measure of large areas
  • In conjunction with Lunar Rocket Launcher, a complete storm system can be researched
    • Measurement of the complete gas column incl its dynamics
    • Lunar Launcher is releasing the sounding satellite
    • The lab is the Recovering system on the ground in the storm center
    • The 2 drones (terrestrial rover drone and lunar launcher drone) provide additional in-situe measurements in different heights (The launcher drone approaches the system from above, the rover drone from below)