In 2019 I will take part in two exhibitions, one at Comic-Stein 2019 in Stuttgart and one at SteinCHenwelt 2019 in October. Comic-Stein will take place from 29.-30.6. at the Messe Stuttgart as part of Comic Con 2019 (more information about the Comic Con can be found here) and I decided to be there to exhibit the Beta-Base complex on Kepler-47

The construction of the Beta-Base has been planned, i.e. the space base will consist this time of my own designed sets, since the largest part of the ClassicSpace collection is in Toggenburg. I’ve spent the last months developing and building several new sets, and this week I had the opportunity to set them all up for a test exhibit at home.

Essentially, I grouped the Beta-Base complex into different sections and then put that sections together. That worked to a certain extent, but in the end Isometrische section had to be made “fit” to get the square layout. Here is the plan picture, the area is 3x3m:

The idea behind it is of course to build a working Beta-Base complex, which can then be used to explore the Kepler-47 system. The exhibited complex represents the final stage of the base development currently underway in the Kepler-47 system
Through a combination of lucky circumstances, I was able to build the exhibition model at home and try out what the real exhibition could look like:

Beta-Base Complex – Comic Stein 2019 here we go

I think the construction didn’t go bad and hopefully will be interesting for the Comic Con visitors as well.
The Comic Con exhibition will certainly be exciting because it focuses on space travel, Star Wars, etc. and I am curious to see how my approach will be received and compared to the others. After all, this is not a “big” MOC with landscape, giant base etc. but many small sets ….