What is Beta-Station? While the alpha-base is now in an accelerated exploration phase, looking to prepare the exploitation phase, a local wormhole has been discovered, allowing to pass to the system formerly known as Kepler-47. After a first scouting mission to the Kepler-47 system, it was decided to set-up a permanent base called beta-station on one of the moons orbiting Kepler-47c, the gas giant.

The units deployed to beta-station are mainly coming from the Unit II, but also some vehicles / space craft initially operating in alpha-system are deployed to beta-station.

The beta-system (=Kepler-47) provides certain challenges but also interesting features. The initial goals for beta-station are the exploration of the moons around the gas giant as well as the Kuiper belt objects. Data from the scouting missions hint to large deposits of rare minerals, thus the initial Unit II designs focus on ground scanning systems and vehicles for exploration of the base moon. The double star system requires special protection against solar radiation but the Helio Physics Team is already considering a re-location once the investigations of the alpha-system star are finished.

The initial configuration of the base is now finished with a small group of Ice explorers and special designed ships to investigate the gas giant’s atmosphere.