Ultraschall-Transporter mit abkoppelbarer Lastenkammer, Querlibellflossen, Elektroden-Strahl-System, Kommandant und "Zazza", dem Tellerroboter


  • Support Unit for terraforming missions
  • Rear section allows transport of raw materials for the terraforming labs (Alien Walker, Solar Power Transport and LL-1968)
  • Black “tanks” are used to transport / store gases
  • Container section used for solid raw materials
  • Rear section can be separate and provide autonomous landing in case of danger of contamination, difficult access etc
  • Yellow antenna of rear section is used for local communication, red lights on rears section are warning lights in case of hazards / dangerous material transport
  • Front section has IR Sensor in case of bad visibility
  • Loading of GVLC takes either place at the main base or at the mining places of the raw materials
  • Robot allows to load / unload dangerours good without astronaut (e.g. dangerous location, hazards materials or long duration)
    • e.g. the rear section is staying at a certain place for several days of unloading to slowly distribute the raw materials of time