SteinCHenstadt has been cancelled!

The exhibitor (MIGROS / Shopping Rosenberg) cancelled the event on short notice, which is very annoying and unfortunate. Therefore currently no new exhibition planned, maybe / hopefully Klötchenwelt 2018 will take place.



Slowly the next LEGO exhibition I plan to attend, is getting closer:

From 22.6.2018 – 30.6.2018 the SteinCHenStadt 2018 takes place at the Shopping Rosenberg in Winterthur.

From my side I plan to display my collection of ClassicSpace sets and a few of my own creations. This time I’m also support from  a colleague from SwissLUG, who will contribute a few models and some base plates.


Currently the planning is still on-going, let’s see what 22.6.2018 will bring!